Elaine is a digital imaging technician providing services for still and motion productions. She is based out of Chicago and available for hire.

After years of working for a commercial studio, Elaine has developed an intuition for the individual needs of each project.  She has a full understanding of how to color manage, organize, and secure your valuable work. On set, she is quick to evaluate incoming content to assist capturing your vision. Additionally, her experience in post-production, including: retouching, archival printing, server management, and client file delivery, give her the advantage of foresight and a complete understanding of the production process.

Elaine brings a wealth of expertise as an onsite editor, having events like Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, Chicago Ideas Weeks, and corporate conventions under her belt. Since 2018 she has been lead for a team of editors, managing images from multiple photographers, and guaranteeing a streamlined workflow for live file delivery to clients.

From working a broad range of location projects, Elaine has gained experience with international and national travel. She is familiar with fast paced situations, strict deadlines, and working with celebrity talent. Her experience, optimism, and flexibility make her the ideal digital tech and for your shoot.

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